Structural Surveys

Structural Surveys

Structural surveys can be carried out to cover full building appraisals or specific, previously identified structural problems. All work is carried out by Chartered Engineers, which offers peace of mind that opinions are being provided by experienced, professionally qualified engineers. It is also often a requirement of lenders that any such report is written and signed by someone who is Chartered.

A structural survey can be commissioned for a broad range of reasons, from the appearance of small cracks to major structural defects. The source of any defects is identified, and recommendations made in terms of remediation works. Scansurv can also monitor using a range of techniques and ensure the remediation works are undertaken to the correct standard should this be required. 

Structural Defects

Common symptoms of structural issues are:

  • Cracks in walls, which can be inside or outside
  • Doors that are sticking or will not stay shut
  • Windows out of shape and do not open freely
  • Obvious bends or skews of door and window frames
  • Bowing of walls
  • Sloping floors
  • Sagging roofs

Scansurv have extensive experience in identifying the source of structural defects and are often able to make an assessment of particular structural problems visually, without the need for further intrusive investigations. Where this is not possible, we may recommend further action in the form of either intrusive investigation or a schedule of monitoring.

Structural Crack Monitoring

Where appropriate, structural monitoring can be carried out over a period of time in order to assess whether a structural issue is progressing and to determine a course of action.

Monitoring methods vary from basic ‘tell-tale’ crack measurement to more sophisticated techniques such as precise levelling, which can reliably detect foundation movement to a fraction of a millimetre.

With broad experience in civil and structural engineering, Scansurv are well placed to assess the most appropriate methods of defect monitoring and to provide advice in respect of cost-effective remedial solutions.