About Us

Who We Are

The Scansurv team are professionally qualified civil and structural engineers.

With a broad experience across all sectors and the benefit of being able to view projects from an engineering perspective, our clients can be confident that all work will be approached in a professional manner and with great attention to detail.

Scansurv personnel are experienced in working on controlled sites, including top tier COMAH sites. All operatives are trained to a high standard in health and safety and carry all necessary PPE and equipment.

What We Do

Scansurv provide professional 3D laser scanning, 360-degree photography, structural surveying and measured building survey services. These can be provided individually or can be linked together to generate highly detailed packages of information.

3D laser scanning technology is employed, which enables us to deliver very accurate information in whatever format suits the particular situation.

360-degree photography can be used in isolation or combined with 3D laser scanning, in order to provide a very detailed representation of any situation. This provides a permanent and accurate record that can be used either for presentation purposes or practically to aid design or confirmation of as-built construction.

Structural surveys can be carried out for specifically identified issues or as a general condition survey for any building or structure. Scansurv personnel are qualified civil and structural engineers with broad experience in assessment of structural defects and advice in respect of remediation.

Measured building surveys, often facilitated by 3D laser scanning, generate an accurate record of existing building form. This greatly assists in the design stage of a project and eliminates the need for multiple site visits and potentially inaccurate manual measurements.

Where We Work

Scansurv operate predominantly in the North of England, focusing on Yorkshire, the North East, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Projects outside this area are considered on an individual basis as we strive to stay competitive for our clients and also provide a
professional, responsive service.

Why Us

Scansurv offer a professional, responsive 3D laser scanning and building surveying service, with the added benefit of professional civil and structural engineering input. This can be of great added value as potential issues may be picked up and dealt with at an early stage, saving time and money. The level and type of detail recorded may benefit from an engineering eye.

Scansurv are not just data recorders. They look at every project with a view to adding value for the client, pre-empting potential issues and generally providing well thought-out, high quality information.  

A Few of the Sectors in Which We Work







Mining & Quarries